О проекте
Sulima is a much respected Moscow based psychedelic trance producer. He is one of the artists behind duo Manifold, as well as one of the experienced post-production engineers in Moscow.
Since 2001 Sulima starts to write a psy-trance. His music finds the response in the hearts of listeners and Alexander starts to play actively at events of different scale - from private parties to big raves.
Since 2003 Sulima is one of the founders of project Manifold that has recommended itself as qualitative releases in Russia and abroad.
In 2009 there was debut album “Time Shift” on the Australian label “Blitz Studio” and at once has received a tones of positive responses worldwide.
In 2011 was released EP "On Mars" on lable Geomagnetic Records
Also, Alexander released many tracks on different compilations
In 2012, Alexander completed work on a new album Planetary Signals.

For 10 years, Alexander released several albums and a lot of tracks on various compilations. His tracks were released on labels such as:

ॐ Geomagnetic Records (USA)
ॐ Blitz Studios Records (Australia)
ॐ Digital Psionic Records (Australia)
ॐ BMSS Records (Germany)
ॐ Yellow Sunshine Explosion Rec. (Germany)
ॐ Devils Mind Records (Sweden)
ॐ USTA Records (Israel)
ॐ Nexus Media Records (South Africa)
ॐ GS Concept Records (Russia)
ॐ SkyGravity Records (Ukraine)
ॐ Sun Station Records (Russia)
ॐ Cyberdelica Records (Russia)

In his project Alexander never limited himself in the stylistic, as, in his opinion, the main thing in works is mind and idea. That’s why you can often find elements of absolutely different genres and styles of music in his tracks.

Booking: sulima.booking@gmail.com
Skype: sulima_manifold
Contact phone: +7(926) 167-6059
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